Welcome! What’s your beef with food?

Finally I am getting around to doing this little project.  Now if I can only gather my thoughts to make sense of it all.  Well to make enough sense for the world to understand what the hell I am blogging about!  Let’s take the title for example;  Cornish hens and left overs… well its simple.   For years now I have noticed that getting to know a person is best  done getting to know their idiosyncrasies’  about FOOD!  We are what we eat in more ways than one.   Hence the name of the blog where I found it peculiar that a person would not eat a Cornish hen because it was a baby chicken!  And forget about left overs it just wasn’t going to happen.  These obsessive compulsive behaviors are what gets us in the mess we are in.   That was a relationship I was in by the way and he turned out to be just as he was with food in our relationship.  So for all you out there that would like to share your thoughts and tribulations about food and life bring it on!


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